"I hired Dale after viewing her website that shows her “elegant Connecticut” style through description and photographs. Before hiring Dale, my home lacked a defined dining area and warm family room.  The most exciting results are that my dining room has the perfect paneling, wallpaper and curtains.   The sofa in the family room is beautiful! As a Wall-Street lawyer, the biggest personal benefit to this change is my “reduction in stress” when at home. The best part of working with Dale is she handled everything.  And, had elegant suggestions.  I’m very appreciative of your elegant and clever design plans!  I greatly appreciated your expertise. I will recommend you to others and look forward to working with you again in the future."

- North Stamford


“My home had very difficult rooms to decorate, that I had struggled with for years.  I’m most excited about my results as the decorating “suits” me and looks appropriate to the house.  The biggest personal benefit after working with Dale is I no longer have to look at ugly rooms!  The best part of working with Dale was there was timely completion of the project and absolute satisfaction with the results.  I would definitely recommend Dale to others.  I was completely satisfied.  There was time pressure and it all got done on time.  Good work and on time delivery, no need to improve on that.  I would tell anyone considering working with Dale to just come and look at my rooms!"

- Karen, Wilton


“Dale has an open, friendly manner that is unusual to find in a designer. She helped us tie our rooms together and warm our house up so that it reflected our personal style. Dale brought the design world to us and eliminated the noise and confusion around home decoration. She is a valuable asset and a welcome visitor.”  

- Steve and Andrea Ozyck

“We love you and your results.  You are helpful, kind and patient!  Your help was terrific!  You especially have a good eye for color.  The main reason we hired you was we needed help figuring out how to use our living room space and to tie in the fireplace.  As a result, we have a living room to use now!!  We really do love our living room!  It’s all done and it looks beautiful and is a finished room.  The furniture is very comfortable, very nice and great quality.  A friend stopped by this afternoon and we sat in there and talked for an hour, it was wonderful!!  I know you understand our keep-it-simple style with the elegant and classic design.  THANK YOU!”

- Amy & Andreas Nonnenmacher


“We had been thinking of remodeling our master bedroom as it was really tired and needed to be jazzed up. As a result of working with Dale, we were most excited that her advice to paint the ceiling brought out the woodwork. Plus, she was able to solve the problem of gaps between the windows and shades by using curtain panels. Dale is professional and patient. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone interested in working with her that she is very easy to work with and really helps find solutions to decorating problems. The biggest benefit to this transformation in our master bedroom is it makes us happy!”

- Diane, Westport


“Before working with you, our living room sat unfinished for years as we didn’t know how to make it work with all the functions we wanted.  Now, we absolutely love our room, it is so inviting and useful that everyone wants to be in there; whether for TV, working at the desk, entertaining and/or enjoying a glass of wine. We use it all the time and it’s the family’s favorite place. We are looking forward to working with you on the next project.”

- Adrienne and Chas, Westport

“You listened very attentively to what I was saying and helped me find the perfect wallpaper and window treatment. Beautiful. The quality was excellent. Our home office will be our next project. I will be in touch soon! I will be happy to recommend you to any of my friends or relatives who are looking for design services.”

- Terry O, Wilton


“Before I met Dale, I was working with a decorator who had a hard time understanding my tastes. Dale’s an amazing talent and knew exactly what I wanted. The quality and workmanship of the pieces I received are beautiful. From rearranging a room to designing a room from scratch, she is wonderful. I would highly recommend Dale. Trust me; she will take your breath away with the results!”

- Linda, Trumbull


“Our opinion and input was very valued. We’re really enjoying our living room. We hope to work with you again soon. Thanks for everything”

- Erica and Bob, Ridgefield


“After spending the morning with designer Dale Minske, we see why she’s so successful! She guides her clients expertly & with a deft approach. We’re looking forward to providing her with some beautifully made roman shades….”

- Christine Lasse Kalafus via Stitch Custom Drapery Sewing & Design Studio