Looking For That Exceptional Piece of Furniture? Only Adventurous Souls Need Apply!

Many years ago, my family and I traveled to UXU Ranch, Dude Ranch extraordinaire, just outside of Yellowstone Park in Wapiti, Wyoming. A recommendation from another executive at my husband’s midtown Manhattan international bank, away we went with our three YOUNG children. Dude Ranch extraordinaire because we traveled by horseback, cowboy style during the day, and dined as if we were in a luxury restaurant in San Francisco at night.

Even featured in Architectural Digest travel section.  A west like you could never experience before!!The dude ranch and food were amazing, but the most interesting find for me was the style of furniture used throughout the area. Molesworth! Hand made Western Ranch furniture. Even found in the Buffalo Bill museum, the style is a treasure.

As a legendary designer, his (Molesworth) furniture was purchased by The Annenbergs, famous CEO’s and U.S. President Eisenhower to name just a few. He is known as “The Godfather” of ranch style furniture and has influenced nearly all professional furniture builders around the world.”

A style not for everybody but, The natural beauty and the vast open spaces of the West have always attracted the most adventurous souls. Primitive and simple, yet powerful and strong, and even sometimes whimsical, the style is fashionablee in even the most elegant, and sophisticated, homes.