Interior Design for 'Empty Nesters,' 'Boomers' or Vintage 'Over 50'

Today, many of my clients are 'empty nesters,' 'boomers' or the vintage 'over 55' crowd. Age, experience, confidence and financial factors, have brought them to where they are. They are confident about their decisions and happy with their stage in life. I am finding there are many common threads with these clients.  Here's what I know...

It's their turn to be comfortable and have a home custom-made to their unique desires.  This stage in life might be their last opportunity to live in a home that's designed exactly how they want it.

They are retired or near retirement; they no longer have children who need to be put through college; their savings/retirement is set; and financial resources from working and inheritance are set aside meant to be spent on making their home design dreams come true.

They wish to update their homes so their décor doesn’t shout, “old people live here”. They in turn want their home to be current without nodding to a particular era or trend.

Many have assembled good pieces and family treasures that will continue to make up the fabric of their homes for the rest of their lives. 

They are able to travel and want to display the treasures they have collected on their travels.

Most have the means to collect “real art” and want to incorporate it into the design of their homes.

They are tired of too much pattern.  They have "been there and done that." They want the décor simplified, they don’t want a lot of clutter, and they want to keep their accessories to a minimum.

Many have large homes and are thinking of rightsizing. Some are building to suit their exact needs, up-scaling or focusing on the interiors in shared living environments. If they plan to stay in their current home they want it to be salable should they decide to sell. Most have second homes to enjoy the seasons and activities of their choice throughout the year; and want each home unique for the location.

Accommodating grandchildren and children, and relatives and friends visits is paramount. Sleeping, eating, bathing and social activity arrangements are all considered in their design.

Ultimately, they are cocooning in their new style that combines fashion and function to create a safe, comforting and stress-free environment.

Thus, my interiors focus on....

Maximizing your investment in furnishings that will return the utmost pleasure and enjoyment.

Designs that are kept simple; a grown up version without looking granny.

An understated, yet elegant / classic, yet fresh style that’s unpretentious and layered to echo a life well lived.

Pattern and color are used in small doses; texture and excellent lighting is emphasized.

A few contemporary accessories and colors are brought in to bring the home into the current decade.

See, I am at the same stage in life and understand. I'm here to provide encouragement and inspiration for living a great life in your home. I recognize...

The advantages of the wisdom and maturity you have obtained and how we can put it to work in your home.

You are at a point in life where you have the financial means and disposable income to really make your home reflect a life well lived.

You want what you want. You want it tailored to fit your unique needs. And no, I'm not just talking about style; I know you want some legitimately good design.

You want to truly love being in your home. You want to feel that satisfied, happy feeling when you walk into your custom designed space. You want all the bells and whistles that you can afford.

Let our team inspire you to dream and instill the confidence to create, embellish and transform your surroundings. Your way!