Extreme Garage Makeover...From No Place to Show Place


Could this be the case when it comes to your other babies, you know the four wheeled ones – Your Automobiles!

Sometimes life is just not fair, what are you to do?  You don’t want to sell your home or get rid of one of your babies…nah what was I thinking? Constructing a larger garage even if you have the space on your property can get rather costly.

The perfect solution, look up, if you have  enough height in your garage –  car lifts can be the perfect answer. Measure the height of your cars and add one foot. You should have enough room. The Ceiling may even be raised or perhaps a subterranean lift could be the answer.

Professionally installed home garage car lifts, single, two, four post or tandem. There are features to make sure the hydraulic lifts are only operated by authorized family members and are easily operated with proper training. Lifts are also available for motorcycles, and lawnmowers.

Now with more room provided by the perfect lift for your vehicles it is time to have the professionals help you choose all the other features to make your new garage a true BA-DA-VROOM-ROOM!  Colorful PVC or epoxy flooring with non slip features. Cabinetry (that wont rust) or have issues with humidity or dampness. Proper lighting and slatwall storage for every hobby or sport imaginable for the kids and members of the family, including Fido.

Who do you call to make this magical transformation? ATTITUDEGARAGE.COM “Extreme Garage Makeovers”. Let these experts create the temple your automobiles deserve.  TheMan Cave for that favorite guy of yours or an unexpected new playroom for the children, the PVC tile is acoustical and soft to play on, yet hardy enough for airplane hangars.

Attitude Garage is so pleased to be working with talented designer Dale Minske. As Dale reminds us that “Beautiful Homes Are In The Details” no details are overlooked by team Attitude. As accessories are the jewelry of the home  the same is true while planning the finishing touches in your Garage. Depending on the look you are after, and what kind of Babies you do have – Euro Sport Cars or perhaps Antique Classics, complimentary cabinetry and accessories are carefully chosen.

You can take that wasted and unused space in your home  from “No Place”  to  “Show Place” overnight!   MOTHER HUBBARD?  No more worries for her, she’s definitely got a New Attitude and some major bragging rights! Her Babies are higher than they’ve ever been before, safe and sound in  a new ATTITUDEGARAGE.COM  “Extreme Garage Makeovers.”

You can contact these Garage Transformers at 203-509-5353 or check out their website  for more ideas at www.AttitudeGarage.Com. Starr Lorenzi